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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some Kid Photos

What Market doesn't understand is how hard it is to carry a baby and a full basket of laundry upstairs. It is much easier to carry the baby in the basket with the laundry.

Mema got Henry these wonderful fleece jammies. They are so snugglie, especially when he crawls into my bed at 3 am.

He calls them his "softest jammies."

This is when you hope that you have properly installed the gate at the top of the stairs.

Henry insists that these slippers are really "pockets" for all his cars and treasures.

Oh a boy and his icicle! James wanted me to hurry and take the photo before the icicle melted in 19 degree weather.

My little Judo-masters.

Showing me the Cubscout pledge stance.

Since Allison had a boy baby, she has been giving me some really cute girl clothes. I adore babies in overall and had to put Margaret in these right away.

Look at how her hair falls around her ears now! Wooo-whooo!

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