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Monday, February 9, 2009

More Photos

My plea was heard and we have had two semi-nice days in a row. I say semi-nice because although it has been sunny, it has only been in the upper 30's and low 40's. I am not countng Saturday as one of the nice days because although it was almost 60 degrees, it was the first warm day and so all the brown snow and ice melted into large brown puddles and all the grass was muddy and everything was wet. You get the point. So the boys played outside today for about five hours, but I didn't take any photos so these are all from last week.

Isaac took this photo and the one below of Market.

He also took this one of Henry.

Here are the boys examining some school-work activity of Isaac's. Henry has become obsessed with the hats that Mema has knitted and has taken over Margaret's because his is not quite done.

Well, Market has figured out how to get her own snack.

Isaac wrote his name with pretzles.

Having fun in the downstairis playroom.

I love this little hoodie from Allison.

Another party dress. Mike and I have decided that Margaret'e eyes are looking less bright blue and so they may actually be changing. I doubt they will ever be brown since the boys all had their dark brown shortly after birth. But who knows? The doctors all said that her awesome birth mark would be gone by now and she still has it.

Henry is learning to undress himself. Here he has taken his shirt off for the first time completely by himself. He still has his cute little toddler body, but you can tell he is starting to lose the tummy and cubby little legs.

This was drawn this summer when my Mama and I took the boys to a festival at Twin Lakes.

Here's a photo of Margaret getting into all the tapes and CD's in the bedroom. I am not sure what she likes more: getting all the stuff out, or the screams and the cries of the boys as they say "Ohhhh Nooooo Maaaarrrggggaaareeetttt!"

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Erika Ahern said...

I like the "Market" vibe. It reminds me of Sarah Palin's kids' names: Piper, Willow, Bristol, and ... "Market"?