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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Birthday Party.

The boys insisted that we wrap gifts for Margaret. So I got some toys out of the attic that she hadn't seen yet and we wrapped a few of them up.
Henry kept upsetting Isaac by telling Margaret what everyone was wrapping. "Maaar-get! Isaac is wrapping a piano." "Maaar-get! I am wrapping a train!"

Then it was time for the Happy Birthday song and cupcake. She did have a candle, but only briefly.

Margaret ate her cupcake in under three minutes and then spent the rest of her birthday throwing up.

She had real cow milk for the first time. We buy raw milk from a local farmer and Margaret sucked it down. The boys never drank milk until they were done nursing.

She really wasn't interested in unwrapping the presents, but thankfully she had lots of helpers.

A hat that Mema knit and a snow vest from Grammy were some of the gifts.

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Annie said...

ooh, I love that piano/horn/drum toy. we have that one, too.