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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Improvement Time

It's that time of year again (between semesters), when modest mama and hubby decide to improve their wonderful house by tearing stuff up in an attempt to make it better. So here are some before photos of our office/library/sewing room.
Same yucky cat-pee stained carpet as the bedroom.

So under the carpet was this HORRID brown linoleum (no sweet flowers this time). So hubby decided that nothing could be worse than that, and he ripped it up along with the carpet. Under the linoleum was the original hardwood. Not in great shape, but it's there.

The linoleum had been glued to the floor with what looked like tar. Terrible stuff and impossible in some places to get off. But we have an area rug for part of the floor. And I prefer the torn-up hardwood to carpet or brown linoleum.

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Susan said...

Black tar, yes, exactly what the horrible linoleum in our bathroom was glued down with. Except our tar was impossible to remove. Sigh:-) Susan