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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Around the World

The children participated in a Christmas Around the World Day in Greensburg on Sunday. They went from country to country learning about holiday traditions and doing a craft.
This particular craft involved using hundreds of mini-M&Ms, half of which were eaten by Henry. As he was picking them up one-by-one to eat, I told him he could have three more. He immediately put down the single M&M he was eating and grabbed a handful. As he shoved it into his month he said, "One."

Isaac loves doing crafts and so this experience was his idea of Heaven.

The countries that were visited were England, Italy, Germany, Phillipines, and African Union. Mike argued that #1 African Union is not a real country, and #2 Kwanza is not an African Holiday. It is an invented holiday created by a college professor here in the United States. But this is Western PA and anything goes.

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