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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Trip: Day 2 to 5.

These are all out of order, but you get the general idea. We are at the farm. Everyone is having a wonderful time, but we all miss Michael (especially Margaret).Here is the farm in the early morning.

And in the late evening.

Pepa got the boys some hats so they'd fit in here in middle Georgia.

Although we are doing a lighter load, James still has to complete his school lessons so that we don't lose two whole weeks of school time. Here he is completing a science lesson on rock and minerals.

Kids don't really need toys. Here is Margaret. She has been perfectly content for about an hour playing with a empty basket and a pile of newspaper.

Henry is always ready for an adventure.

Going down to the barn is the perfect adventure for Isaac and Henry.

Here is the view walking back from the barn.

And here is the view walking to the barn.

I would really like James to learn to ride a two-wheeler while we are here, but he lacks confidence without the training wheels.

We had been at the farm for literally fifteen minutes when the boys decided it was time for a tractor ride.

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