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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Mema is here to drive down to Georgia with us. Since she arrived a few days early, there is plenty of time for her to read books with the kids.This morning she was reading the kids a dinosaur book.

Mema: "Look at the huge mean dinosaur. What would you do if you saw a dinosaur like that?"
Isaac: "I'd run away."
Henry: "Kill it!"

Later, Isaac decided that he would actually throw a rock at the dinosaur.


Annie said...

The baby is totally eyeing your beer in your sidebar picture.

Meanwhile, I believe henry could kill a dinosaur.

Modest Mama said...

Yup. She's totally on board with what's acceptable in the Krom household. She is eyeing a wonderful Rogue ale. None of that cheap stuff for her.

As far as Henry, he'll be able to do anything if he makes it to age five. Today he fell from the second floor banister, landed on a chair, and immedietly declared: "Fun!"