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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tractor Salute

If you look carefully you can see Henry giving the tractor a salute. Later, he wanted me to salute his little tractor as he drove past me.

Check this out!!!

The training wheels are officially off! After about five minutes of me holding onto the bike while James rode around on the driveway, he got the courage to try it on his own. It didn't take long and he was off riding over the fields and trying to pop wheelies!

He only had one crash, in which he got a pretty decent sized raspberry on his stomach, and the seat of his bike got twisted. He willed away the tears and rode away on his bike before I could even fix the seat.

And it all happened at the farm!

The Baby Girl

Here are some cute shots of Margaret while she enjoys herself at the farm. She still only goes backwards when she tries to get around. She made some attempts to go forwards yesterday, but instead smashed her face into the hardwood floor.I don't know why I am always posting photos of her in her bath. Maybe because she enjoys bathtime so much and that makes her look so cute.

She gets so excited about things that she shakes.

It looks like she is getting a little more hair. Maybe.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our trip: Town

We went into town today where the children enjoyed some cheap mechanical rides.

We had icecream at a local shop (although it was pretty chilly outside).

And we enjoyed this picture of Johnny cash made entirely out of Jelly Belly Beans.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Trip: Day 2 to 5.

These are all out of order, but you get the general idea. We are at the farm. Everyone is having a wonderful time, but we all miss Michael (especially Margaret).Here is the farm in the early morning.

And in the late evening.

Pepa got the boys some hats so they'd fit in here in middle Georgia.

Although we are doing a lighter load, James still has to complete his school lessons so that we don't lose two whole weeks of school time. Here he is completing a science lesson on rock and minerals.

Kids don't really need toys. Here is Margaret. She has been perfectly content for about an hour playing with a empty basket and a pile of newspaper.

Henry is always ready for an adventure.

Going down to the barn is the perfect adventure for Isaac and Henry.

Here is the view walking back from the barn.

And here is the view walking to the barn.

I would really like James to learn to ride a two-wheeler while we are here, but he lacks confidence without the training wheels.

We had been at the farm for literally fifteen minutes when the boys decided it was time for a tractor ride.

Our Trip: Day 1

We drove from Latrobe to Charlotte, NC on Saturday and stayed at Aunt Neel's house. The kids were wonderful in the car for the eight hour trip. Although it rained the entire drive, time seemed to go quickly and we arrived at Aunt Neel's ready to play!

Aunt Neel has traveled all over the world collecting treasures that the kids enjoyed.

Here is the beer aisle at the neighborhood grocery store. For those of you with such free access to delicious microbrews, you should thank your lucky stars!

Margaret and Henry traveled in style around the grocery store.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Mema is here to drive down to Georgia with us. Since she arrived a few days early, there is plenty of time for her to read books with the kids.This morning she was reading the kids a dinosaur book.

Mema: "Look at the huge mean dinosaur. What would you do if you saw a dinosaur like that?"
Isaac: "I'd run away."
Henry: "Kill it!"

Later, Isaac decided that he would actually throw a rock at the dinosaur.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A fun birthday gift.

I haven't gotten a chance to wear them yet, but the kids are really loving these muppet slippers I got for my birthday.

Looks whose moving around!

It's not exactly crawling, but Margaret has finally started to move around on the floor a bit. She can turn in circles and also push herself backwards. She tends to get tangled up in things and also she gets a bit frustrated at going away from things she wants instead of getting closer. Here she is yesterday while we were doing our school lessons.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Hank!

This may look like the face of an innocent beautiful child. Actually you are looking at a smart, sneaky, manipulative two-year old who spent his day driving his mother (and best friend Maddie) crazy. Here is a summary of Henry's day:

1. We are trying to finish school work before we leave for homeschool gym class at 9:15am. James and Isaac are doing lessons, Henry is doing some gluing. I can't seem to find the sheets I printed up for Isaac's lapbook. They were right in front of my chair when I went to change Margaret. Henry has finished his gluing. Proudly he shows me his creation. All 12 sheets (printed in color) for the lapbook are glued together in a gooey mess.

2. We are trying to get out the door for homeschool gym class. I ask James to fill up Margaret's snack container with cheerios. I go into the kitchen and no less than 200 cheerios are on the floor. "Look at all these cheerios!" James comes in to help clean up. Henry runs in with his shoes on and starts stomping on the cheerios. I shoo him away with the broom. After I make the pile I turn to grab the dustpan and Henry runs in, does a quick stomp-stomp-stomp on the pile and runs out.

3. At homeschool co-op children are happily drawing on the chalkboard. Henry is right there, either erasing or scribbling over their drawings as soon as they aren't looking.

4. After lunch I hear Henry repeating this song to Isaac and James: "Whatever you can do, I can do better." He then switches to, "You may be older, but I am bigger." Not true yet, but soon I am sure.

5. Henry calls his friend Maddie, "Mads." She doesn't want him to do this. She wants to be called Maddie. "Okay, I'll call you Maddie." Then in a little whisper he says "Mads." Maddie screams that she heard that. Her mom is away and so she tells me. Henry agrees to call her Maddie. As soon as she is out of earshot, he smiles and says, "Okay Mads."

6. We are in the kitchen and Isaac informs me about a lego creation that he is saving in the basement and he wants to show me when I am done feeding Margaret. All of a sudden, the snack isn't so interesting to Henry and he leaves the kitchen. About a minute later Isaac and I are on our way to the basement where we are greeted by a large pile of Legos. "My airplane!" cries Isaac. I am sure that you can guess the culprit in this case.

7. After dinner the boys choose a candy. If they don't like it, they are allowed to discard that piece and choose another. Henry sees the boys getting another piece, shoves his entire piece in his mouth and declares "I don't like this one. I wannanother." When I refuse to let him, he throws the tantrum of the century. He takes a tantrum break during his bath (yes, 20 minutes of happy playtime), but starts again as soon as the towel drapes his shoulders. I tell him he is not going to get his way by crying. So he stops. "Mama, I love you." "Mama, you are my best friend." "Mama, I think you are purrty." Bring on the charm, kid, you still aren't getting the candy. When he sees this isn't working he decides to go back to screaming.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayers Needed

In August of 2007, Isaac was diagnosed with HSP or Henoch-Schonlein Purpura which is a virus that affects the blood vessels and usually the kidneys. Isaac was really sick when he first got the virus, but since then he has just been his usual self. We were told that total recovery time could be up to two years!
About three days ago Isaac developed a fever and it followed a similar pattern to the fever he had when he was first diagnosed. It would come on strong, but he would have long periods of time with no fever and then it would come on strong again. So I took a cup of his wee to the doctor today and it showed that the virus may be making a comeback.

There isn't any kind of treatment we can do for Isaac. This virus isn't contagious, so we don't have to worry about the other kids getting it. But, it can damage his kidneys and stomach. So now it's a waiting game. We are waiting to see if the lesions appear on his legs again. We are waiting to see how long his infrequent fevers last. We are waiting to see what his next pee test shows.

We aren't really that worried about it because we have been living with this for the last 15 months. Half the time I don't even remember that this mean virus lives inside my sweet boy. But I thought that I would put the word out that we would love some extra prayers for Isaac at this time.

This kid is cute!

Henry begged to be in a photo with Margaret while she was sitting up.

Look whose sitting pretty!

She's finally done it! Margaret can officially sit up on her own. I still wouldn't trust her on the couch or a chair, but she does great on the floor. The only problem is when she decides to fall over, she always falls over head first. At least she no longer cries about it.

Feast of Saint Malachi

November 3 is the Feast of Saint Malachi, who was a French lawyer. Saint Malachi is James' patron saint and we had a nice little feast day celebration for him which included Blueberry Cake. Yum!
When you ask James what he wants to be when he grows up, he will usually respond, "A baseball player, a scientist, and a Friar." So here is his Friar outfit, which he promptly put on after opening and wore until bedtime. It is now carefully folded (crumpled) and tucked away in James' treasure box amongst other items of infinite worth to a six-year old. I couldn't figure out how to attach the hood to the gown, so please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.