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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

R.E.A.L. Science

I really can't rave enough about how much I LOVE the science program that I got for James this year. It is completely fabulous. There is very little writing involved. Usually he has to write a hypothesis and then a sentence about what happened. The program provides these nice sheets to keep all the facts and experiments organized. And every single lesson has a hands-on component. This is important to a six-year old. Science at this age should be fun. Exposure is everything.

So we are studying the layers of the Earth and the experiment was to make a pizza that represented a cross section of the Earth if it was split open.

He had to make labels and place them on the pizza. The writing component asked about the make-up of each layer. Was it solid, semi-solid, liquid, etc., and compared that to the actual layers in the Earth. Since the pizza crust wasn't considered one the of layers of the Earth, James desided that it represented the atmosphere. We had just studied that this day as well in Geography.

The best part of making the Earth was the fact that we got to eat it for dinner. Yum!

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