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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch today. It was lovely Fall weather. I posted so many photos from our trip out there that I think I fulfilled my blogging duty for the next week or so!Any trip over five minutes warrants bringing a book in the car to read.

Margaret had a fever the entire time we were there, but she still got excited about a pumpkin the kids found that was just her size.

She was less excited about being placed with pumpkins and scarecrows for a photo.

I don't usually post photos that don't have one of my own kids in it, but this was too cute to past up. Maddie lined up all the pumpkins for a "Pumpkin Sale."

Henry wasn't too sure about the "gurl with the dirty arms."

Isaac had trouble finding his perfect pumpkin. We had to walk the rows and examine all the choices before he chose one. He is totally "that" kind of child.

The pumpkin patch had a neat Pirate Ship Playground. Henry is covering his ears because the playground is across from the pigpen and he didn't like the sound of the piglets oinking.

The corn maze was a big hit.

James may look scared, but he is actually just annoyed that I insisted on taking a photo of him when he was trying to be the first to finish the maze.

James and Annie are great friends!

What a fun day!

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