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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boy Scout Popcorn

It is time for you to order your Boy Scout Popcorn from James. Did I mention that this is the only fundraiser of the year for Boy Scouts?To order your Boy Scout Popcorn from James click here and enter his Order Key Number: TERGEU3.
I will personally make a blog entry for anyone who orders popcorn from James and leaves a comment on this post. Imagine having your own blog entry on modest-mama! Wow!


Susan said...

I'll buy popcorn from James if you buy popcorn from David:->

Good luck with your fund-raising endeavor! Our pack's popcorn sales make a huge impact on things we can do for the boys. This year the pack is able to cover the registration costs and buy new manuals and uniform shirts for all the boys (many cannot afford to buy their own). We have been very blessed.

Unknown said...

Hi there. I work with Trail's End popcorn. Thanks so much for mentioning our new website, and for placing orders to support the Scouts!