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Monday, September 1, 2008


Here she is folks! Further proof that I married an absolute genius! Grand opening of the K-Family clubhouse!

There are still minor improvements to be made. We have some trim to put up, and the door will eventually be a Dutch-Door. I am painting a chalkboard that will hang inside, and I have an extra mailbox for the porch. Next summer we plan to enclose the bottom with siding, leaving open windows and doors. We will then put in a trap door leading up to the clubhouse with a rope ladder (James' request). I will post a full tour of the clubhouse when it is finshed and I have the curtains and beanbag chairs made.

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Susan said...

Very nice! You are brave, though, I know I couldn't trust my crew with that ladder...I can't even trust them with our stairs inside (they like to have contests to see who can jump down the most stairs). And Peter loves to jump from the porch to the walkway, skipping the steps.