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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh Brother!

Here is my new Brother Overlock machine.
It's a little intimidating. It sews four threads at the same time and has a knife that cuts the excess fabric while you sew. I am hoping that is all the knife ever cuts, and my fingers remain intact!

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Susan said... know I actually have a serger in the back of my closet that I've used I think 2 whole times because it intimidates me...I inherited it from a boss of mine many years ago when she retired and closed her store (it was a demo model)...I really need to get that sucker out and give it a whirl. And find someplace where I can buy good serger thread...closest place I can buy thread for my Viking sewing machine is 45 miles away...

Have you checked out If you are fimiliar at all with Burda patterns, they are less humdrum than most patterns, but the great thing about their site is they have oodles of patterns you can download and print for free (some by Burda, and some by users) and a whole community of sewers who rate the patterns and post pics of their creations, alterations, etc. Pretty neat!