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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drawing WIth Children

My attempts at making the sideways pictures straight didn't work. Sorry.
This year we are using Mona Brooks book, Drawing with Children. The boys love it. Isaac doesn't quite have the fine motor control thing down, but he is still doing an awesome job and loving it. James also sees improvement in his drawing, which is really great. As many of you know, James sems to be advanced in many school subjects. Drawing was NOT one of them. He would grow frustrated that he could not draw as accurately as children a few years younger. This book is really helping to boost his confidence level.
I like this book because 1. It was cheap, 2. It is non-consumable 3. It is SUPER easy to follow and teach, and 4. You can teach several different levels at the same time. This was very important since James was a fluent writer and Isaac just leanred to hold a pencil.
Here are James' interpretations of the Level 2 warm-up exercise using the 5 basic elements of shape. James uses several kinds of Sharpie markers.

Here are Isaac's interpretations of the Level 1 warm-up exercises. Isaac uses WASHABLE markers since by the end of drawing there are usually marker marks on his shirt, shorts, desk, hands, face, and even on some socks that he was not wearing during the lesson.

IJames wanted to continue the lesson and so he drew some common objects in the book by focusing on finding and drawing the basic elements of shape that the objects contained. For those of you familiar with James' usual drawings, you will surely see the difference in these he did for his lesson.

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