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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Building and Building and Building

I know what the kids are getting for Christmas!

Wooden blocks! I found some at the thirft store and the boys are obsessed with building with them. Not the wooden ABC ones, these are real hardwood blocks of various sizes. I checked online and boy are they spendy! $300 for a full set of hardwood ones. Amazon had better deals and free shipping. They are so creative when they buld with them and our basement is the perfect place for a block collection.

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Jennifer S said...

Reading this post has inspired me! I bought that set of 100 beautiful, big real wooden blocks about six or seven years ago. For 100 blocks it cost $99. Now that same set is $300!!! Ridiculous! But I realized when I read your post that we haven't taken good enough care of our blocks; they were scattered all over the house. Today was "Find the blocks" Day and out of 100, we've located 88. Not bad. Needless to say, the kids are having a blast! Thanks for the inspiration!!!