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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pressure is on...

To get Henry potty-trained.
Our church is starting a Catechesis of the Good Shephard program here in town. They agreed to accept Henry into the program, but no diapers are allowed. We have until October 2.

This program just further illustrates my problem saying "No" when my children are invited to join programs and events around town. Our school week is already looking very full with activities that have nothing to do with completing actual school lessons. James is already books Wednesday mornings, Thursday mornings, and Friday mornings and afternoons. This leads me feeling very busy and wondering how his social calendar got so full so fast. He is only six. "What about socialization?" is a common homeschooling question. Well, what about it? It appears we are going to have too much of it and not enough schooling!


Susan said...

He will never forgive you for this picture in a few years!

Modest Mama said...

Right after this photo, he asked if I would take one of him touching his you-know-what. I told him I would rather not be arrested.