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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Isaac the Philosopher

Isaac seems to be thinking a lot about things that are beyond the level of a four year.

Isaac: "Mama, how do you love?"
Me: "How do you love?"
Isaac: "Yeah."
Me: "How do you think you love?"
Isaac: "I don't know. How do you love you?"
Me: "I am not sure. I know how to write 'love you.' Do you want to know that?"
Isaac: "Um... (clearly not totally satisfied). Okay. How do you write 'love you.'"

Obviously I am the wrong parent for these questions. Isaac clearly needs some sessions with The Philosopher Mom!


Erika Ahern said...

haha! I'm not sure I could help you there... Maybe lots of hugs and kisses? :)

Alexandra said...

My response would have been, as it so often is, "Ask your father." This is why we married philosophers. So they can answer all those tricky questions for us! If the question is, "Where are the diapers?" or "What is for dinner?" I am your woman.