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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Henry has his own language

Henry is always getting compliments for how well he speaks. With two older brothers to keep up with, he learned early on what it takes to survive in this house. Well, the advanced verbal skills are not without flaws. He has a problem with the "s" and the "th" sound. He replaces both of those sounds with the "f" sound.

Did I mention that Henry is a thumb sucker? We are trying to phase it out. So he asks for permission to suck his thumb, only it doesn't sound like that at all.

Did I mention that Margaret is also a thumb sucker? And both the neighbor girls? Henry loves to point out other children sucking their thumbs. Only it never really sounds like that.

1 comment:

Jennifer S said...

I am howling, howling, howling!!! This is too funny!!! He'll love this story when he is old enough to hear it!!! :-)