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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at Home

Michael was in Philadephia for the day and I agreed to watch the neighbor girls for a few hours in the evening. Now, these are possibly the sweetest, most well-behaved girls in all of Western PA, and so the pleasure was really all mine. That and their presence kept my boys busy for mulitple hours. Anyways, the lack of children clinging to my legs saying they needed something motivated me to do something fun. So we had "Make your own pizza" for dinner. I made dough, and prepared the toppins. The kids did the rest. Everyone had a good time and dinner was made. After dinner the other neighbors came out and all the children went to their yard to play. I could not believe my good fortune of having no stress in the entire experience of being the only adult in charge of six children during a meal time.

This photo is taken from our back deck. I thought it was very representative of this area. Take special note of the three vehicles parked in the backyard and the picnic table full of house building trash. What you can not see is the broken glass from one of the trucks that the white car parked over to keep the kids safe. We wouldn't want to clean up the broken glass because that would be too "top of the hill" and we live at the bottom of the hill. The hedge also hids other piles of "stuff" that has been piled around the perimeter of the yard. One of the red trucks has a rotted off tire and several panels in the truck are replaced. It is also the truck missing the side windows (the reason for the glass). Now, we have no problem with these neighbors, they are nice kind people and their kids are polite and well-behaved. I just wanted to post a photo because I know that many are curious about what our area is like and this view really captures the area as a whole.

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