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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tearing down a house

You know you live in a small town when you spend the afternoon catching up on all the nieghborhood gossip and watching the local funeral home tear down a house to build a parking lot. Apparently the funeral home is already so well off they didn't think to remove appliances, old wood doors and hardware, or window coverings before destroying the house.

This house had an oak stairwell and bannister, as well as copper pipes. They did save the copper pipes during the destuction.

Yes, this worker's job is to spray the destruction with a garden hose. He was there for almost the entire time with his hose.

Looking closely at this photo you can see part of the oak bannister and stairwell with white spindles. Look on the right side near the open doorway. Moments later it was part of this wooden heap.

Almost done. The funeral home is doing a house a day a three days for their parking lot. One house has already been stripped by the previous owner. The third house still has planter boxes with flowers in the windows. When asked if we could go and get stuff from the house, we were told insurance won't allow it and they will be knocked down "as is." What a waste! So many people go without and here perfectly good things are being made into waste.

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