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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Plate

You know how sometimes when your kids are talking you just kind of zone them out and respond with automatic responses? Today I was eating lunch on the porch and I was thinking about five different things at the same time. I was trying to remember what airline my folks were flying on, if the book I am currently reading is really good enough to take the time to finish, how James' swim lesson went, and when exactly Margaret's cry went from cute little "meows" to full blown baby cries.

James finished his lunch and asked to be excused. Between the bite of sandwich in my mouth and my thoughts I automatically responded, "Yes. Please clear your plate." He asked where he should put it and I responded, "In the kitchen." He asked something else and I must have given him an affirmative answer because he ran into the house and out again to draw with sidewalk chalk with the neighbors.

A little while later I was in the kitchen cleaning up the lunch stuff and I could not find his plate anywhere. I was too lazy to open the dishwasher to hunt for it in there, but I figured that was where he put it and I smiled at how responsible he has become. As I was turning to go over to the fridge, something caught my eye. There, in the middle of the kitchen floor was his blue lunch plate.

I went outside and asked him why his plate was in the middle of the floor. He looked up and smiled at me. "You said I could put it anywhere in the kitchen."

So much for my dreams of a six year old mature beyond his years!

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Erika Ahern said...

Not only is he six, Jessica. He's also got a Y chromosome! :)