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Friday, July 11, 2008


One of the advantages of living in a small town is being able to walk to many places of interest including parks, library, church, grocery stores, etc. Since James is in swimming, and the pool is down the street from us, Mike and I take turns walking James down to his lesson.

I really enjoy this time with James. We hold hands and walk slowly, talking about summertime things. Sometimes he will run ahead, his sandals slapping the pavement. He looks for things to show me, and I have the time to stop and look.

James and I have seen many things on our walk to the pool. Fifty ants fighting over a piece of soggy pretzle, a cherry picker truck lifting workers to the roof of the school, water shooting out of a hole in a sidewalk for no apparent reason, a gold colored motorcycle, a mini-van parked on the sidewalk. Today we even saw two guys pushing around a machine that looked like a lawn mower. As we got closer we saw that these men were actually repainting the white lines on the street. We had some time and so we stopped and watched them paint We watched until they were finished.

If I drove him to swimming then we would have missed out on all these things and on the time together. I would have also missed out on the lego creation that he built when we got home from swimming today. It was a machine that painted lines on the street. And it had two guys working it.

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