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Saturday, July 12, 2008


is too small a word to describe the laundry situation at my house. Just when I feel as though I have a handle on the situation- someone will wet their bed. Or four someones will wet four beds. With four beds are four wet pairs of jammies. And blankets. And usually four pillows.

And that is just the beds. Nevermind the clothes. We have so many clothes in this house we could open a department store. With all these clothes it is quite a mystery of why there are never any clean clothes. How is it possible to do laundry for two full days, carry basket after basket up the stairs to be folded and put away, and then hear, "Mama? I have no more shirts (or underwear, shorts, pants, jammies, etc)."

Not to mention the cloth diapers which must be laundered twice, thus taking valuable time away from washing soaked sheets and dirty shirts.

I am not complaining. Really, I am not. Rather I am openly pondering the mystery of how every shirt in an overstuffed drawer gets dirty in a two-day period. Maybe my children pull out shirts looking for the shirt of the day. After the shirt is found they have a pile of shirts on the floor. Maybe they think, "Oh bother. I have to pick all these up and place them back in this drawer. No wait! There is a colorful basket right there! I will put them in that basket. They look pretty clean in there, so I will go and get something purple or red and pour it on the clothes in the basket."

Or maybe someone is sneaking into their room at night and putting all the clothes in the dirty clothes basket. There is a secret camera in the room to capture my expression when I walk by the next morning and see the basket overflowing. Somewhere in a far away country, airline passengers are laughing as the video is played to them on long flights.

Whatever the reason clothes around here are never clean. I am going to start researching the details of opening a department store offering dirty clothes.

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