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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Margaret as Deb

So we are in Maine and there are these children who live on the farm where we are staying. The children range in age from one to twelve. Okay, so the nine year old named Catherine is the sweetest little girl and one morning she was just loving on Margaret and she says to me:

Catherine: "Oh, she is so cute. She looks just like this girl in a movie that we saw."

Me: "Really? What movie was that?"

Catherine: "It's called Napoleon Dynamite. In it there is this funny girl named Deb. Margaret looks just like her."
Yeah, I'm not really seeing it right now. Maybe after she gets some hair we will pull it into the ever fashionable side ponytail and I will resubmit this blog entry. Pretty funny comment coming from a nine year old. Speaking of that... the ten year old said his favorite parts were the ones with Tina the llama. "All that land and they keep her tied up to the fence," he told me laughing. I guess I never got past the part that they actually had a llama and how true that was for that area, so I never considered how funny it was that she was tied up. Seriously, that movie never ever gets old!


Annie said...

Dude! I'm totally seeing it. The eyebrows and her coloring, especially.

Annie said...

you know what else, it's her cute little nose, too.