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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A dirty bath

One of the brothers has a problem with constant diarrhea. Constant meaning that whenever there is a BM, it's diarrhea. Based on the title of this blog entry I bet you can guess where this is going.

So I am cleaning the school room trying to get it ready for a new school year. I can hear two little boys in the tub blowing bubbles and squirting each other with little plastic animal squirters. Then I hear this, "Mama? There is something dirty in the tub floating around." I run into the bathroom and yes, you know what has happened.

So I have two boys that were clean a few minutes ago sitting in a tub filled with poop and bath toys. Bath toys that suck water in and blow it out. After calling for backup, I begin to load the sink with the toys while the boys get sprayed off in the shower. The first toy I pick up to wash off in soapy antibacterial water sprays out light brown water when squeezed. I look at the sink full of toys and the trash can nearby. I wash off the three little cars that were in the tub and the rest is dropped into the trash can.

Wasteful? Yes. Neccessary? Not completely. But my kids spray those toys at each others faces and into the tub. No amount of soap is going to guarantee that feces doesn't get into their mouths. And we have no shortage of bath toys. So I am guessing that most people would have made a similiar choice.

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Annie said...

um. ew. I would have done the same thing.