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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Kitchen

Annie's experiences trying to sell her house has helped me determine how much I dislike my own kitchen colors. Bright red is fun and joyful, but not exactly pleasant on a 95 degree day with high humidity. And bright white cabinets, our love of Mexican food, and four kids really don't mix. So, I decided to paint the kitchen. The problem is that I don't have much time because we are traveling soon and my folks are coming for visit. Both those things, and the fact that I am possibly the worst painter ever. Here's some photos before I get started. We got tired of opening cabinet doors to get the dishes so we removed some of them about a month ago. Seriously. It started by me adding a primer to some of the walls. Then I watched as layer after layer of the primer bubbled off. Hmmm. Is that supposed to happen? I soon learned that I have to wash walls with some special toxic chemical before painting them, especially walls in the kitchen. Who knew!
Now for some pictures of the process of me painting. This feels like art time when I used to teach Kindergarten. Here we have the colors tumbleweed, mossy mint sprig, butterfly garden, and desert dust (or something). Not shown is guacamole. Not only are these names ridiculous, but they are hard to remember and difficult to tell apart. Tumbleweed and butterfly garden would be better named dark yellow and bright yellow.

Not only am I terrible at painting, I am also pretty bad at matching colors. I think that my kindergarten students were better at matching colors than me. Our counter doesn't always look like that either. Usually there are a lot more beer bottles and diet coke cans waiting to go out for recycling. I removed them right before I took the picture. Some things are better imagined than actually seen.

Did this really happen? I am afraid so. So much for taking my time and painting the kitchen over the course of the summer. It looks so silly now that I have no choice but to get busy and get it down.

These three colors were actually the colors on a paint sample card that showed a painted kitchen. For some reason these colors are not going to work in my kitchen. Could be a combination of lighting, ratio mix, and painter incompetence.


Anonymous said...
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Annie said...

what is up with the primer bubbling off? I've never heard of that in my life.

Annie said...

also, one of those colors reminds me of kaopectate. not that this is a bad thing...