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Friday, June 20, 2008

Issac's Special Outing With Mama

Isaac has not been his usual self lately. I think that he is over tired and thrown off by all the traveling and changes we are doing in the house. Plus, we got new next-door neighbors with kids who are three and five and so there has been lots of excitement with new friends. In any case, he is not his usual cheerful self. I decided that he and I would have a special outing this morning (We decided to bring Margaret so that we wouldn't have to hurry home if she needed us). We started our outing by going to JoAnne Fabrics where Isaac helped me pick out some blue fabric for a skirt I am making. His choices were indeed fabulous!
Then we went to one of those pottery places where you paint your piece and they fire it for you. I had just been there to make Margaret's plate and thought about how much Isaac would like it. Issac is our artistic child; he is always creating things through art. Today he chose a watering can to paint. He painted it brown, purple, and gold. He chose a flower add-on for inside the can and painted that vanilla, which he proclaimed to be the exact shade of vanilla icecream. Who knew!

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