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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Date Night

The boys stayed with Mema and Pepaw and Michael and I had date night with Margaret. We went to two Portland brew pubs intending to eat along the way. First we went to the Rogue Brewhouse and each got a pint. We decided not to order food after discovering a burger was $12.00! We were shocked to learn that our pints were $5.00 each. We decided to go some place else to eat.

So we headed down to Bridgeport Brewery where we had our wedding reception. We were in for another shock. Bridgeport was closed for over a year for renovations and in our opinion they completely destroyed the place. Bridgeport was once an old factory that they converted into a brewery. It was filled with history and unique features. With the renovations it looks like it could be any brewpub in America. There is very little that is unique about it anymore. Also, the food prices were again way to high. At least we both got beers for under $5.00. And it was AWESOME beer. We left Bridgeport and grabbed food at our favorite Mexican place to take back home. It worked out because Margaret was letting us know in her own unique way that she was ready for date night to end!

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