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Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Feast Day Isaac!

Today is Isaac's Feast day- the Feast of Saint Yves. Saint Yves (pronounced "Eve") was a French Lawyer from Brittany who died in the early 1300s.

Feast Days are very important days in our family. Today Isaac got to go to Mass with just Michael and then to Dairy Queen for a special icecream treat. After a treasure hunt with picture clues he opened up presents including a Saint Benedict metal and a statue of the Blessed Mother holding our Lord. Grammy sent a Grader Tonka truck which was a big hit with the brothers! Tonight Isaac will enjoy his favorite dinner of homemade Mac n' Cheese with sausage.

Today is also a special day for Michael and I as we celebrate seven years of marriage. When we got married we were both graduate students living in a one-bedroom apartment in Boston. Since then we have moved four times and been blessed with four beautiful children. We are so thankful with all the blessings Our Lord has bestowed on our family!


Erika Ahern said...

Happy Anniversary! We're so happy the Kroms are married and that Isaac had mac and cheese for dinner. Praise the Lord!

Annie said...

happy anniversary! i didn't realize. I've been married longer than you and yet, I don't have as many children. What's up with that?

and happy feast day to young isaac, one of the best kroms among all the good kroms I know.