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Friday, May 23, 2008

Five Days, Four Skirts

In anticipation that summer will eventually come to Western Pennnsylvania (and also since I am bringing my machine in to be serviced and won't have it for two weeks), I decided to make some skirts. They are all very different and were fun to make, but the photos perhaps make them look nicer than they are. The flowered one with the brown side panels turned out the nicest. Michael doesn't like that one, he says that it is too loud. The other brown skirt with the orange flowers is almost beyond repair, but it looks fine in the photo. I don't think that I can wear it without fixing the waist- maybe I can do that later this summer. The dark blue one has a light blue tiered back, but I didn't pull the elastic tight enough and so it is a little loose. Hopefully the boys won't pull it off me as we are crossing the street or something. The light blue with flowers and the band across the bottom has very crooked seam lines, which aren't visable in the photo but very visable in person. I need to work on straight seams and waistbands.

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