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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Isaac the Philosopher

Isaac recently asked, "Can you put crayons in an invisible pocket?"

The first response always seems to be, "Are the crayons invisible?"

Isaac has so far refused to answer this thus insisting that all possibilities be explored.


Erika Ahern said...

Aw. I'm so glad you decided to start a blog! It's fun to have a few updates once in a while. We miss y'all down here in the South!

Heidiblossom said...

This is what I think:
If the crayons are invisible, then OF COURSE you can put them in an invisible pocket. Quite without anyone seeing I am sure. And if the crayons are not invisible, then there are two following questions: how did the pocket get invisible (or will the crayons become invisible as soon as you put them in the pocket)? and also how does one find an invisible pocket to put anything into???